In the search for private locality. Psycho-sociological aspects of cocooning

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The following text specifies the phenomenon of cocooning, which is a lifestyle, typical for west-ern societies, that means isolating from the environment and creating private, local space. In the text the author poses a thesis that cocooning is a contemporary example for everlasting need for territorialism and setting borders of residence, which is characteristic for Homo sapiens s. Furthermore, it is also a specific form of auto-stimulation as well as the result of impact of par-ticular ideology of individualism that has been gaining ground in Europe since the Modern Age, blooming of which has started at the beginning of XX century in the form of expansion of the psychoanalysis. Cocooning, according to the author of present article, results in contemporary times in a certain trend for slow movement philosophy and the cult revolving around the culture of locality (manifestation of fondness for particular type of products or agritourism other).

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