Taszów – where the road ends

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The aim of the article is to assess the notion of ‘locality’ for a small, depopulated border village, Taszów, located in the Kłodzko region. It used to be a vivid, densely populated village in the past, nowadays it has turned to a deserted holiday-village. However, there are still people, who live far away from Taszów now, but who were emotionally attached to that place for some time in the past. Their memories from that place evoke a lot of positive emotions from the time of their youth, which they spent in the village, even though their idealized memories are far away from the reality of that place at present. The magic of the place and the sense of locality turn out to be first of all the special relationship between people, space and time shared together, which exists irrespectively of the real place, which is subject to constant changes.

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