The Local Aspect Of Slums – Kibera, Kenya

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Slum arouses interest of the media and scientists. There is even colloquially expressed phenomenon of slum, which, in this case, is related to mass concentration of people living in poverty. Simultaneously, in this way a certain generalisation has been created. According to this generalisation, slum is seen as a homogenous, closed entirety. The article described a situation in Kibera a part of Nairobi – which is perceived by the media and researchers as a one of the largest slum in Africa. The article attempted to show that a slum is a very complex social construct. On the one hand, it is involved in a simplified, yet global, discourse, on the other hand – it is characterized with a local specificity that is rather dicult to define. The article proposed to start to understand locality not as a “state” but a method in which slum residents perceive their reality, as well as, practice it. Simultaneously, it was shown that Kibera is composed of several ‘locali-ties’. They could be seen as social fields (P. Bourdieu) of executing one’s interests.

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