Locality, community and contemporary polish documentries

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Today, nonfiction films are perceived differently than in the times of PRL (People’s Republic of Poland). The confidence in the objectivity of documentary films has decreased, largely by the multiplication of various images of reality. In a situation where there are many points of view on one issue, it is harder to create a global community of believers in the documentary objectivity. The filmmakers who realized that a loss of faith in the objectivity of documentaries has beene, began to create performative documentary (the term by Bill Nichols), to emphasize the subjectivity of their opinions. This type of documentary should create the community in Richard Rorty’s understanding. For this community the vision of reality has a value of objectivity. The truth of contemporary documentary is important locally – only for one group of people. Others may deny this representation and create their own, which also will be relevant only for their community. Contemporary Polish documentaries freed themselves from the binary op-position propaganda of authority–objectivity’ exposing documentary, but it lost the belief in a coherent image of reality.

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