Cooperation in the Network Society. The Examples of Net-surfers` Coordinated Actions

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The text aims at identifying the possible forms of cooperation that emerge from the internet. Some of them have been successfully described or even foretold by the visionaries of the network society. These activities are highly coordinated and centered on economic exchange, cultural activity of both artists and enthusiasts and journalism – especially of bloggers and their like.

The article argues for the possibility of discerning another area of cooperation, less institutionalized and structured, focused on immediate objectives and related to events that focus attention of thousands, sometimes millions of internet users. These events often provide an opportunity for a cathartic experi­ence, a loud manifestation of emotional attitudes. The author depicts the „media crowd” – the groups using the so-called „new media” for communication. Made up of potentially non-anonymous people, very lively and focused on the immediate satisfaction of their needs, the media crowd can function ef­fectively and achieve its objectives.

Keywords: blogosphere, fan societies, connective intelligence, cooperation, social capital, media crowd

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