Preserving the endangered languages

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Justyna Olko, a leader of two important projects that deal with endangered languages, relates the path that has led her from archeology of pre-Columbian cultures to direct collaboration with the descend­ants of the Aztecs and the preservation of their language, the Nahuatl. The interviewer and the inter­viewee discuss the reasons why minor languages are spoken less and less often and the difficulties of revitalization, both in Mexico and in Poland. The experiences in the New World are juxtaposed with the Polish actions in favor of the Vilamovian and the Lemkovian. As a consequence, a new paradigm of hu­manities emerges, one understood not only as a research, but also as a direct collaboration with local communities.

Keywords: Nahuatl, Vilamovian, Lemkovian, revitalization, endangered languages

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