An Ethnographical Tandem or Blindly into the Unknown

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The article is the result of collaboration between the author, whose ethnographical research focuses on the ways of building adulthood and self-reliance by blind people at the age of 18–40, and two of his consultants – Sandra Tworkowska and Joanna Zdobylak. Methodological and ethical inspiration for this undertaking are taken from in the Luke E. Lassiter’s conception of collaborative ethnography, as well as the idea of social research through shared experience promoted by Anna Wyka. According to these re­searchers, it is recommended to aim at open collaboration with interlocutors at all of the research stag­es, including writing ethnographic.

Following these ideas, the authors created a polyphonic presentation of knowledge, feelings and opinions on the subjects connected with the life of the blind. These include the mutual perception and coexistence of the blind and the sighted, the domination of the visual model of culture and the accessi­bility of various elements of the world for needs of the blind.

Keywords: blindness, collaboration, collaborative ethnography, visual culture, disability, accessibility for the blind

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