Race and religion. Trajectories of antisemitism and Islamophobia

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The following paper is an attempt at linking analysis of the historical forms of antisemitism with exam­ination of the present day European Islamophobia. Its goal is to answer a following question: to what extent are the historically known mechanisms of etnicization and racialization of religious difference of

European antisemitism also present in the anti-Islamic discourses? In the paper there is a proposal of cri­teria that might serve as a basis for classification of particular anti-Islamic discourses as racism. The au­thor claims that such classification requires problematizing both modern European concept of religion as well as relations between religion and race as categories of belonging. In the paper this task is per­formed by reference to anti-essentialist theories from a field of anthropology of religion.

Keywords: race, religion, racism, antisemitism, Islamophobia

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