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“Tematy z Szewskiej” is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal edited by anthropologists from the Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, University of Wrocław (Poland). The specificity of the journal is a sort of polyphony towards one given theme (Temat). Therefore, each issue of “Tematy z Szewskiej” concerns particular concept or idea, which then may be presented and analyzed by various representatives of different methodological approaches, including humanities, fine arts, social and natural sciences.

We welcome all the authors, who would like to share their work and knowledge with the readers. Apart from traditional written papers, we also welcome all the audiovisual forms of presenting the work on a given theme. Articles that are submitted must be original and should not be simultaneously under consideration for publication elsewhere.

“Tematy z Szewskiej” was founded in 2007 as an annually released paper version journal. However, since 2012 the form of the journal has changed and now it is a quarterly published online. The editors have decided to follow the idea of “open access to knowledge” giving the readers the possibility of full and free access to all the articles. Additionally, the paper version of the journal will continue to be published annually.

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