Women view of pornography. Female body in pornography

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Katarzyna Jewtuch | Wrocław


Women view of pornography. Female body in pornography Research on pornography in the culture are now among the most dynamically developing areas of scientific discourse. Most often, however, this applies to centers and foreign researchers, although recently this kind of research we encounter on native academic scene. Research on erotica and pornography at the moment seem entirely justified because nudity or sex are now ubiquitous and mainstream, and often also part of the marketing strategy. Reflection on the status of erotica and pornography in the wider popular culture dating back many fields, including among others: such areas as film, media, art, marketing, economics, history, sociology and law. This article concerns the issue of women’s perspective on pornography – starting with its broad definition. Quoted in the text of the speech feminists, along with the original context leads to more general conclusions about gender in pornography, the importance of the female body and its aesthetic dimension.

Keywords: feminism, pornography, aesthetics, pop culture, physicality, queer, contemporary culture, eroticism in culture

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